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Why use Joseph to find the right property? EXPERIENCE!

Folks, I have been in the area 18 years now and am a Real Estate Broker...not a salesman. You get me...the Broker/ Owner of the company showing you properties and explaining all the positives to the area you seek. I can do this, because I have decided to be the Broker that cares. I don't hide behind a desk in a backroom while sales staff tries to sell you a home. I am up front...one-on-one with you in finding the right property.

USE A BUYER'S BROKER! Buyer's Broker is the best chance at true negotiation. The listing Broker is hired by the seller to get them everything they want. What about what you want? Get your own representation at "NO COST TO YOU".

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First time buyer? Let me make you comfortable...

Here are the very basics of how the home buying process works:

You must be pre-qualified prior to viewing property!

  1. LENDER: To go shopping for property without knowing if you can qualify for the loan or afford the payment, really makes no sense at all. I always suggest to buyers, "find a good local lender". Unless you are prepared to pay cash for your property, a lender is going to be the most important part of the sale. Why a local lender? I have established relationships and closed hundreds of successful deals with my local lenders. When making your offer, a trusted local lender could make the difference in you getting the property! I will be happy to have one contact you. I would rather not show property until we get the right loan for you established first.

    Here is why I request this... A lender will provide you and interpret a credit report that will determine your borrowing power. Then, the lender will review your income and debt to determine the maximum amount money that you can borrow. Now you have a price range you can work with. You won't be falling in love with $200,000.00 homes, when your borrowing power allows you to buy in a price range maximum of $175,000.000. This information, along with the terms of financing provided buy the lender, allows me to begin doing my job at maximum efficiency.

  2. FIND A HOME: Now that we know your borrowing power and terms, we can meet to view properties in your price range. I will use my 28 years in the area to locate the right neighborhood for you and the right home. The right home is based on the needs you give me when we meet. Away we go! I will spend as much time and effort as it takes to find the right home for you. When we find the right home, then we go back to my office and discuss making the OFFER.

  3. THE OFFER: An offer to purchase a home is a contract between a buyer and seller. The contract has many aspects and protections for the buyer. It is my job to explain all aspects and protections to you, when we sit down to write it. You might ask, "What do I need to make this offer?" Good question! You will need a checkbook. As a buyer entering into a contract, you must provide a "good faith money deposit". This deposit secures the contract and, as the term states, tells the seller that you are serious about purchasing his or hers home or land. The deposit does not get cashed until the offer is accepted by the seller under the terms you provide. It is then deposited with the Escrow company of your choice. How much deposit do you need? That depends on your situation. Most common is $1000.00. Could be less, could be more. When we get together, we will discuss what is best for you. Now let's talk a little about what happens after your offer is accepted.

  4. ACCEPTANCE: Once we have acceptance of your offer, we open an Escrow. Escrow is a neutral third party that basically puts "all the eggs in one basket". Together, we will bring the whole transaction together for both you and the seller. After we open this escrow, we will start activating all your rights and protections as outlined in the contract. There are time periods for all your protections and I will be organizing a time table to get all these items completed.

I hope this helps you get the basic idea of how to start the buying process. Sure, there is ton of information I can't cover here without getting into "Novel" proportions, but when we get together, I assure you, all will be easily explained and understood.

Visit my search page to get started!

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E-MAIL me for any questions you may have!

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