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The Diamond Valley Lake Project

We have a full lake and Bass Boats are welcome to get that Trophy!

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Southern California's largest water storage reservoir, consisting of three dams, delivery pipeline, pumping plant, recreational facilities and environmental reserves. Temecula is just 20 minutes to the South! Domenigoni Reservoir

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Almost doubles Southern California's surface storage capacity
Secures six months of emergency storage in the event of a major earthquake
Provides additional water supplies for drought protection and peek summer needs

Coming Attractions:

Water Park
Golf Courses
Reservoir Surface:


4,500 acres
4.5 miles long, more than 2 miles wide
160 - 260 feet deep

Maximum elevation:

1,756 feet above sea level
Domenigoni/Diamond Valleys, four miles southwest of The City of Hemet

Project Cost:

$1.8 billion

Completion Date:


Storage Capacity:

8000,000 acre-feet, or 269 billion gallons of water
Project Features:

West Dam:

Earth/rock fill construction
285 feet high
1.7 miles long (9,100 ft.)
1,200 feet wide at base
40 feet wide at crest

East Dam:

Earth/rock fill construction
185 feet high
2 miles long (10,500 ft.)
800 feet wide at base
40 feet wide at crest

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