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Trust a Local Broker!

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Thinking about selling your property?

I can tell you this...I am a local 18+ year expert. I have lived in the area about 42 years now. When it comes to selling your property, I am the pro to ensure you get the best price and get all the protections you need to walk away with cash and never look back. I have over 300+ buyers signed up on my site ready to buy. I send your property out to all of them to find a ready and willing buyer.

 Being a local Broker gives me the opportunity to check on your home constantly. If your away, I can assure you that I am just minutes away to meet a buyer or to make sure your home is safe and secure!

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Folks, an open house is designed for your real estate agent to get new buyers for themselves...not your home. That said, they are opening your home to complete strangers that can go through your private things, find a way to break in later or worse...harm your family. There is no reason to expose you to complete strangers!

If they ask you to have an open house, open the door and ask them to leave. Then, call me!

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Joseph R. Chesla offers you ...



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Let me show you some of the advantages to listing with Joseph R. Chesla...

17 plus years Experience:
Experience means everything. I have skills in all aspects of Real estate and most of the time, a successful Real Estate transaction comes down to creative marketing and insightful problem solving. These skills come with time in the business and a deep concern for consumer protections.


Internet marketing is the way folks find your property. I am consistently in the top spot or front page in the search results. That draws consumers to look at my site to see what I have they might have missed. That gives you the best opportunity to be seen. I also co-operate with all Real Estate marketing sites to give you the exposure you need on the web.


Safety is often overlooked, but we do not want a stranger walking through your home or property. Having the buyers qualified before they enter your home can assure we have a willing buyer...not a looky loo!

Call me or e-mail today for your appointment...

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Thinking of Re - Financing?

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Click Here

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